Moved to GitHub Pages

 · 1 min read

I moved to GitHub Pages and here’s why!

I previously had my blog at I was using the free version of WordPress and I never bothered to pay for a premium plan. I felt it was pretty okay: Zero to no ads…. or at least that is what I thought.

Single moms on my blog!?

I recently changed laptops after my move to Zure. Without me fully realizing, I surfed to my blog to update my personal information and I was unpleasantly surprised to see so much ads on my blog.
Then I dawned to me: I always work with an ad blocker enabled and I had not installed it yet.

I don’t condone WordPress for doing it either. From a business perspective it makes perfect sense for them to insert them into my pages. They are giving away a free service nevertheless and as such need to be compensated for that. I don’t mind that.

I was more struck by the type of ads they were running on my free blog: single moms, etc… I don’t need to paint a picture. There was an easy and cheap solution to this: move to a paying plan.

However I figured it was time for me to consider moving to GitHub Pages. I saw other friends join the party before me and it felt good and cool to associate it to my GitHub profile. Also ‘open sourcing’ my blog seems pretty cool as well!

So here it is: my blog moved to GitHub Pages!

I’m considering a custom domain and in the meanwhile I have some treats coming up and I pledge myself to move the old blog posts here as well. A lot of old BizTalk and other content that is still relevant today for people out there.