Pieter Vandenheede

Title: Cloud Architect and Co-founder at Zure Belgium.

Living in: Menen, Belgium

Born: Sep 12, 1980


  • Family: My wonderfully caring wife and 2 lovely daughters
  • Technology: Cloud, AI, anything that leaves me in awe
  • People: The wonderful people I work with every day, both friends, colleagues and clients
  • Basketball: The one and only sport I lost my heart to. I would play this until I died if it wasn’t for the damaged knee.

About this blog:

Wanted to share with the community since a long time.

My first post dates back from 2009, when I still was doing a lot of Microsoft BizTalk related work. Nowadays I’m head first into Microsoft Azure.

This blog is mainly about sharing what I learned along the way. It may be simple stuff, it might be cool stuff. Anything that I want to get out there.

Keeping the wonderful advice of Scott Hanselman in memory: ‘The number of keystrokes one has is finite’. It’s about sharing. At some point this blog might be visited by young people or experienced ones. I don’t care, as long as I can help someone with something.

I used to be on WordPress, but GitHub Pages feels a lot better.

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